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CONSULEGIS members are a close-knit group of firms that are highly respected in their local markets, well- versed in current business trends, internationally connected, extremely ethical, and work with a shared vision and set of values.

CONSULEGIS is ranked in The Legal 500 as one of the leading networks in the market. Our members are among the top legal firms in the world and include Chambers and Legal 500-ranked firms. Their clients are small and mid-sized businesses, family businesses, entrepreneurial and fast-growing enterprises, and subsidiaries of major multinationals and non-profits.

Everything we do at CONSULEGIS is designed to give our member firms the resources, opportunities and culture of friendship they need to connect, engage, grow, and extend their legal and advisory reach to clients everywhere in the world.

A Strategic Global Network

CONSULEGIS is not just a legal network, it is a highly-effective solution to doing business across borders. It combines friendship and mutual trust with a collective knowledge of legal systems, trading practices, licensing protocols, tax structures and other business complexities.

Our firms thrive because they are able to:

  • Achieve faster growth and greater profitability
  • Retain and attract the brightest legal talent
  • Be more visible to and bring in ideal clients
  • Retain profitable clients who have sophisticated cross-border needs
  • Keep up with the latest legal and technological developments worldwide

CONSULEGIS is currently active in 40 jurisdictions across Europe and the Americas, and always looking for new member firms that share our vision and values and meet our membership criteria.



Members Benefits

Joining CONSULEGIS is a smart business development strategy. We don’t sit back and wait for business to come our way. We go out and get it.

Our activities, panels, practice groups, conferences, alliances and exchange programs are all aimed at resolving the current and future challenges that law firms face as clients expand across borders.

Our members are progressive, ambitious, and determined to continue developing a multi-disciplinary legal advisory network that satisfies the complex international business needs of our clients.

If you are a professional services firm that wants to develop a stronger multi-market or international practice, we want to get to know you.

Benefits to Your Firm

  • 30 years of strong member cooperation and outstanding service delivery
  • Fast-growing legal and advisory network that spans Law, Accounting, Finance, Taxation, Real Estate, IT and more
  • Build close friendships and relationships with colleagues around the world based on mutual trust, honesty and integrity
  • Regular referrals from other members – with no referral fees
  • Visibility for your firm across our marketing + social media channels
  • Bi-annual conferences, workshops and events, intranet where you can publish news and articles and access a knowledge base and member directory

Benefits to Your Clients

  • Trusted local and international legal services – without the big firm price tag
  • Local representation in over 100 cities (and growing)
  • Consistently high service standards everywhere in the world
  • Confidence that they can resolve any type of cross-border business challenge they face

As one of the early members of Consulegis outside of Germany, I am supremely proud to see how the network has grown over the years and now extends over the entire globe. It is a testament to Consulegis to see the next generation carrying on the tradition of cross-border commerce and litigation and thereby uniting a strong group of seasoned lawyers with a fresh new generation of legal practitioners from around the world.

Dr. Titus Pachmann

Managing Partner Pachmann Rechtsanwälte (Switzerland)

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