How to Join

A membership in CONSULEGIS is non-exclusive - you preserve your own brand and are always free to join other networks. Member firms come to us mostly by recommendation but also by request. All candidates undergo a stringent review before they are invited to join our network.

Steps to Membership


Fill out the Contact Form below.

Our Managing Director will contact you.

You fill out an application form and we review it.

If our Advisory Board decides you are a good fit, we’ll send you a welcome kit with next steps.

  1. Fill out the Contact Form below.
  2. Our Managing Director will contact you.
  3. You fill out an application form and we review it.
  4. If our Advisory Board decides you are a good fit, we’ll send you a welcome kit with next steps.

If you are an in-house counsel seeking individual membership, please inquire at [email protected].

Membership Cost

CONSULEGIS charges an annual membership fee based on the size and location of your firm. There are no exorbitant fee structures to cover benefits you don’t need. Send us a mail at [email protected] and we’ll let you know the exact cost to your organisation. Members cover their own expenses for attendance to our bi- annual meetings.

Membership Criteria

Our success comes from bringing together ‘like-minded’ individuals and firms who share the CONSULEGIS vision and value honesty, integrity, innovation and mutual trust. The following elements are fundamental to all CONSULEGIS members:

  1. Local and Global Expertise. Members are generally well-established medium-sized firms in their jurisdictions, with substantial partner involvement and both local and international expertise. Firms are responsible for their own staff and work projects. We also admit sole practitioners, boutiques and large practices. English fluency is essential.
  2. Active and Engaged. Membership to CONSULEGIS is non-exclusive, but participation in regional and practice-specific networks is encouraged. Firms share an ongoing commitment to the operation and development of CONSULEGIS, such as participation in conferences and events, timely payment of dues, and prompt response to CONSULEGIS requests and referrals from other firms.
  3. Shared Values of Honesty, Trust, and Innovation. Mutual trust and friendship are among the fundamental attributes of CONSULEGIS membership. Members must adhere to principles of honesty and integrity in all professional dealings, and should observe modern business practices, including continuing education and training for employees, and the ability to communicate efficiently through modern communication channels.

Contact Form

If you are interested in joining CONSULEGIS, please complete the contact form below, and we will get in touch with you to formalize the application process.


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