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CONSULEGIS is the most intelligent and effective solution for in-house counsels that need additional outside counsel to resolve local and cross-border issues. Our members provide top legal and other professional advice without the big firm price tag that can so often throw a company’s legal spend out of budget.

Our in-house counsel members actively share contacts, ideas, and information with other in-house counsels. It is an exchange that is both personal and strategic.

When you join CONSULEGIS as an in-house counsel, you access a wide international network of experienced law firms and other professional firms that offer quality legal advice and business-critical services and help ease the language and cultural challenges that often accompany cross-border growth.

CONSULEGIS membership gives you the opportunity to build strong relationships with overseas professionals, to engage in-person at our worldwide events, and to rely on an affordable solution to your company’s needs for international legal strategy.

Annual fee: €250 (ad personam membership)

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Iva Colom

For me it is essential to have a good network of experts located internationally. As an international company with subsidiaries all around the world we need to access lawyers globally. It’s very easy to work with them because they are mid-sized firms.

Iva Colom Toro

General Counsel - CLS - Collecte Localisation Satellites (France)

Are you an in-house counsel seeking additional outside counsel that’s affordable, specialized and innovative?

Hiring a CONSULEGIS member firm has many advantages over hiring a big firm, including:

Better and More Personal Service
CONSULEGIS members are generally mid-sized and boutique firms that are small enough to partner with clients and to be highly responsive, caring and engaged.

Targeted Expertise
Our international network of law firms and other advisory professionals has strong local presence and knowledge as well as targeted expertise in at least one practice area.

Innovative and Cost-Effective
Our members stay up to date on current cross-border challenges and local laws. They provide highly innovative solutions and can often offer flexible fee structures.

Rich Experience
Senior lawyers and partners at our firms demonstrate a high level of expertise in their fields and are big researchers with wide insight into the most current topics.

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