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About us

Global. Experienced. Knowledgable.

Founded in Germany in 1990, CONSULEGIS is a leading international network of high quality mid-sized and boutique law firms and other advisory firms, as well as in-house counsels, that provides its members and their clients with access to the knowledge, experience, skills and resources needed to thrive on a global scale.

We stay absolutely current on changing global market trends in order to offer clients an effective and seamless advisory experience that incorporates not only sound legal advice from top firms –including Chambers and Legal 500 ranked firms– but also access to the best accounting + tax firms, consulting firms, IP agencies and M&A firms.

Being growth-minded is what generates our dynamism, business flow and strength as a network, and we are in the process of becoming a truly multidisciplinary professional network that is equipped to effectively resolve any challenge associated with doing business internationally.

Our members stand by our values of collaboration, strong ethics, a deep respect for confidentiality, mutual trust, honesty and friendship. They also share a strong commitment to the growth of CONSULEGIS, since it benefits our clients to continually expand the range of expertise and geographic coverage available.

New member firms are recruited mostly by way of recommendation, and all candidates are carefully vetted before they are invited to join our network.


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What We Do

CONSULEGIS is a high value, lower cost alternative to international professional networks. It allows progressive professional services firms to remain independent, build reputation and pursue multi-market growth opportunities.

Our approach is fresh and innovative. We cultivate creativity and forward-thinking among our members by immersing them in new ideas and technology, and by surrounding them with passionate colleagues everywhere in the world who share their strong desire to learn more about their business and that of their clients.

Exchange between members is fundamental to our growth and success, and we provide year-round opportunities for engagement in different locations to ensure that everyone participates, including:

  • Two global conferences that include annual meetings
  • Participation in specialist & business sector groups that cover organisational matters and substantive law developments
  • International networking and other career-boosting opportunities
  • Additional seminars, tradeshows, etc.

To find out about our full range of activities and opportunities:

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The CONSULEGIS Difference

The industry is already crowded with networks that provide legal and professional networking and referral opportunities. But the market is changing, and what is needed for international business success is a much more seamless and personal approach.

What we offer at CONSULEGIS is unique.

We are one of the few truly multidisciplinary networks of quality advisory firms that connects members to exactly the business-critical advisory services their clients need – both locally and globally - including legal, accounting and auditing, IT, finance, fiduciary, tax and intellectual property, and more.

CONSULEGIS is a relationship-based personal and professional network. Mutual trust and friendship are fundamental to our success, and this is evident in the level of closeness and cohesiveness among all our member firms – and this cohesiveness is directly felt by clients, who stay in close contact with a team of local and global advisors. The results of CONSULEGIS membership are immediate and quantifiable. We help member firms to:

  • Achieve faster growth and greater profitability
  • Be more visible to and attract ideal clients
  • Offer clients the personal support at partner level that big firms cannot match
  • Retain profitable clients with sophisticated cross-border needs
  • Retain and attract the brightest talent
  • Keep up with the latest legal and technology developments worldwide

Our law firm has been a member of CONSULEGIS for almost 30 years. The network enables us to offer high quality legal services to our clients all over the world. As a medium-sized law firm, we know that the most important factor is the personal contact with the client! We regularly participate in CONSULEGIS conferences, so we personally know the lawyers we recommend to our clients, and are able to connect our clients with the lawyers who are best fit, both professionally and personally.

Irmtraud Wendland

Former Advisory Board Chair - JUNGE · SCHÜNGELER · WENDLAND (Germany)

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